The Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine Compared to Other Exercise Options

Main stream media generally focus on traditional workout routines like running, cycling, walking and gym sessions which involve the treadmill and the exercise bike, but they forget to turn their gaze towards the rowing machine and how it can be more beneficial to your workout routine than the other run-of- the-mill machines. Let’s look at the rowing machine compared to other exercise options:

Both the rowing machine and the exercise bike provide low impact, non-weight bearing cardiovascular workouts, but the rowing machine engages both the upper and the lower body – arms, stomach, back and legs – whereas the exercise bike only focuses on the large lower body muscles – the legs.  Compared to the exercise bike, the rowing machine offers a full-body workout and more resistance and is your best option when you want to tone and shape all of your muscles.

The treadmill has to be the most popular exercise machine at the gym. It is the one machine everyone uses to warm-up before getting into their workout routines, but can the benefits of the rowing machine outweigh the popularity of the rowing machine?

Rowing is an excellent alternative to running or walking on the treadmill as it is a low-impact exercise. It is the perfect machine to use if you are struggling with your weight as you won’t put any extra pressure on your joints and increase the possibility of debilitating injuries that can encumber your weight loss program. The rowing machine is also a safer option if you suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis as your joints do not have to tolerate the high-impact pounding effect of running on a treadmill.

And like the exercise bike, the treadmill focuses solely on the lower body and thus the rowing machine again triumphs if you want an all-in-one full-body workout.

One of the biggest benefits of using a rowing machine versus one of the machines mentioned above is the fact that it burns calories at a high rate and also continues to burn calories long after you have finished your workout.

Many people make the mistake of walking past the rowing machine towards other more popular machines because they think it is a boring machine that does not provide much of a workout. This is where they make a big mistake. The rowing machine provides the best full-body workout compared to all the other machines listed above. We all know how important an exercise routine is, but in this modern world there are always time constraints, but because the rowing machine offers you full-body workout, you can easily fit in a rowing workout that targets all of your major muscle groups and increases your heart rate that gets your blood pumping faster and leaves you less stressed and energized to tackle your daily tasks.

Next time you have to decide which exercise machine to add to your workout routine, don’t hesitate to invest your time in a rowing machine!