Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

The best workout is a well-balanced, full body workout that combines cardio, core and strengthening exercises.

Breathe Faster and Deeper – Maximizing the Amount of Oxygen in Your Blood

Cardio-vascular exercises makes you breathe faster and deeper and this maximizes the amount of oxygen in your blood – the better your cardio fitness, the more efficiently your heart, lungs and blood vessels will transport oxygen throughout your body.

Strengthen Your Abdomen, Lower Back and Pelvis

Core exercises strengthen your abdomen, lower back and pelvis – these are known as your core muscles and they help protect your back and connect your upper and lower body movements. These exercises help to brace your spine and protect it from unnecessary injury. Having strong core muscles will also lead to a better posture and this minimizes your risk of muscle strains caused by sitting incorrectly in front of your computer.

Important Part of Any Fitness Program

Strengthening exercises are also a very important part of any fitness program. If you participate in strength training at least twice a week you increase your bone strength as well as your muscular fitness.

Puts Minimal Stress on Your Joints

This is where a rowing machine is extremely beneficial. This machine is very easy to use and can limit the possibility of any injuries that might occur during a workout as it puts minimal stress on your joints. It is thus exceedingly important that you strap your feet in securely on the pedals and that you also make sure you know the correct rowing posture. Study the different steps of the rowing action before you start using this machine.

Cardio-Vascular Benefits

A rowing exercise routine can also incorporate endurance exercises that have cardio-vascular benefits. For an endurance routine it is important that you keep the tension on your machine low and row at a high speed to make your heart beat faster. This workout will leave you sweating, but also invigorated!

Targets Those Core Muscles

The rowing machine also targets your core muscles, to a certain extent. The rowing action conditions your upper body as well as your lower body as it forces you to flex your abdominal muscles and it also activates your lateral muscles in your back. I can also strengthen the muscles in your upper and lower arms as you need to maintain a strong grip on the oars while you pull it towards your chest.

On an ending note:

The rowing machine does not solely focus on strengthening your core muscles, but also your lower body such as your quadriceps –located in the upper front thigh, your calves as well as your glutes – also known as your buttocks.

Although the rowing machine does not offer enough resistance for an effective strengthening workout – it is a great start for those who are not able or not confident enough to tackle weights. The great benefit of using a rowing machine as opposed to immediately starting with weights is the fact that the rowing action has a minimal impact on your joints. This allows you to strengthen the muscles around your joints first before you decide to incorporate weight training into your workout plan.

The rowing machine should no longer be something to scoff at. It should be at the cornerstone of any well-balanced workout routine.