Burning Calories on a Rowing Machine

Burning calories on a rowing machine is one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast, and there’s a reason behind that. Rowing machines give a full-body workout because it burns a significant amount of calories every time you ‘row.’ However, considering the fact that multiple movements are involved, there’s always the possibility that a lot of people use it incorrectly. Just like with other cardio machines available, the best way to burn calories is to “up” the intensity of your workout and be willing to spend a good amount of time.


The amount of calories you’re going to burn will depend on several factors. That’s why it’s impossible to give the exact amount of calories you can burn. The speed of rowing, level of resistance the machine is set at, and the duration of your workout are some important factors that play a vital role.

Burn Calories Fast!

Based on the experiment conducted by the Harvard Health Publications, rowing at a moderate speed for half an hour can help you burn 215 calories (for a 120 pound individual) and 311 calories (for an 180-pound individual). Though, if you’re going to perform those vigorous rowing exercises, expect to burn 260 and 388 respectively.

Row, Row, and Row!

Rowing machines are available in two varieties– the one with a cable attachment you pull back and the one with bars that simulate the ores. With both machines, we’re required to sit at the front with our feet placed on the footpads, while the knees are fully bent. Then, the arms should be extended properly as we grab the bars and handles while leaning the torso toward the thighs– try to imagine the one o’clock position.

Try to keep the arms fully extended, then push your legs until they’re almost straight, but try your best to not lock your knees. At this point, from the one o’clock position, move your body into an eleven o’clock position. Pull the hands toward the ribcage and keep the elbows as close to your body as possible. After that, do everything in reverse order. Keep in mind. You have to lean forward with the arms fully extended during the whole duration of this workout.

Trust the Digits

If you have used a rowing machine before, you’ll be aware that cardio machines that focus on leg workout are one of the hardest exercise machines that you can use. For this reason, a lot of people ignore the readouts that can help them track the intensity of their exercise. The stroke rate we make is the number of times we go through all the motions related to rowing. On the other hand, the split time measures the force of each stroke we make. Wherein, the higher stroke rate you have, the more calories you’re going to burn.

Weight Loss Guidelines

Overall, rowing involves the entire body, and that’s the reason why it’s more effective than other cardio workouts. Thus, if you want to last for a long time, it’s advisable to modify your stroke and it should be no more than 20-30 minutes per stroke. This will definitely help you shed some pounds. Lastly, just like with other workouts, you can also try doing intervals, such as moderate pace that’s less than 30 strokes every 5 minutes doing 25-35 strokes per minute.

What are you waiting for? Stay fit and keep on rowing!