Concept2 vs. WaterRower Rowing Machine

There’s nothing like using a good rowing machine to get a great workout. The only problem is that there are so many options on the market – and not all of them are worth the investment. If you’re anything like me, then you do not want to end up with an exercise machine that makes you feel like the money spent was a waste. I want something I can enjoy using; I don’t to buy more pricy workout equipment to end up using it as clothing racks.

Concept 2 vs. WaterRower Rowing Machine – which is best? Here are my findings:

Concept 2 Indoor Rowers Review

Concept 2 is a Vermont-based brand that specializes in the design and manufacturing of a number of different exercise machines. Their line of indoor rowers features three different models: Model E, Model D, and Dynamic. The company reports that Model D is their best seller. I can understand why more people would buy this one, as it is the brand’s lowest priced model. However, when the main focus is features and not budget, my favorite pick is the Dynamic.

The Concept 2 Model D rower is a standard indoor rowing machine. It gets the job done; many professional athletes use it in training, but I like the Dynamic because it has a sleeker look and smaller footprint. At $1,250, it is the most expensive model Concept 2 offers, but I consider it worth the investment because the workout experience it gives is most similar to actual boat rowing. The Dynamic is ideal if your goal is to be faster on the water. Not only this, but that realistic rowing feeling results in peak workout enjoyment – at least in my opinion.

Picking a Water Rower

Yes, I was impressed with the sleek style and challenging workout given by the Dynamic, but by no means was I going to be complacent enough to forgo checking some other reputable brands; my next stop was the Water Rower. Now, unlike the Concept 2, the Water Rower focuses on bringing users that realistic feeling of rowing in a boat – except without the water. This company even makes the frame of most of their machines out of wood; sustainably sourced wood from the Appalachian region, in fact. They offer far more models than Concept – It took me quite a while to figure out which water rower model I should try. Since this brand mostly differentiates its for-home-use products based on style of wood – a feature that’s not the main priority for me so I chose the GX Home.

Concept2 vs. Water Rower: And the Winner Is…

When it comes to price, the Water Rower GX Home is the best; it gives that same great realistic water rowing feeling, but is about $300 cheaper. The GX Home is also fairly sleek and streamlined with a smaller footprint than Concept 2’s Models D and E. However, as great as it is to be environmentally, and despite the fact that many boats are made of wood, I did not prefer the wood frames signature to the WaterRower brand. Instead, what appealed to me was the fact that the frame on the GX Home is smaller than that of the Dynamic; the Dynamic also put out a better performance.

For those who are concerned about price or the environment, the Water Rower GX Home will be the best pick. However, for those whose focus is on superior performance, even if it does come at a higher price, the Dynamic is the winner. I stuck with the Dynamic and shipped the water rower back.