Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rowing Machine Review

Stamina Easy Glide

Of all the rowing machines we have had a chance to review, we grew quite fond of the Avari rowing machine. It’s not just because of the fact that the rower costs less than one sixth of some of the top rowing machines on the market; we were impressed because despite the obvious simplicity of the machine, it works very well. The Avari Easy Glide rower uses a single piston for resistance and since it is not designed to replicate sculling, you won’t feel as if each oar has different resistance.

How well does the machine work?

Once you start to use the machine, your experience will depend on your physical size and what your expectations are. The rower does not have some of the features of high-end rowers but it is still a very good rower. We found that it provides a great workout experience for beginners as well as experienced people. We liked the versatility of the oversized seat. The LCD screen is easy to read and operate and can show various statistics regarding your workout. The scan mode is particularly helpful. When in scan mode, the screen shows each statistic for six seconds before switching to the next one.

Is the Easy Glide a good first rowing machine?

If you are on the market for your first rowing machine, this rower is a great choice. The rower’s handles can fit hands of different sizes and they are also padded to prevent you from developing blisters during long workout sessions. The thick nylon cord on the rower is very durable – you will probably buy another rowing machine before it gives out. You also get quite a bit of flexibility thanks to the 12 different resistance levels offered by the rower.

How much space does the rower need?

Unfortunately this rower is not a folding model but don’t write it off just yet. When not using it, you can easily carry it to another part of the house to make room because it weighs only 34 lbs. You can also tip it onto its head for storage in order to save space.

Avari Easy glide vs Confidence Fitness Pro

It’s not easy to get a rowing machine for less than $300 that doesn’t cut a lot of corners. Let’s see how well the Avari Easy Glide compares to the Confidence Fitness Pro?

Which machine gives a better workout?

Both rowers have all the basic parts but in terms of performance, the Fitness Pro doesn’t deliver nearly as good a workout as the Avari Easy glide. When you use the Easy Glide, you will immediately notice that it offers great resistance from the beginning. Though the resistance reduces marginally after a 10 to 15 minute workout, it still remains sufficient to keep your heart rate up. The Fitness Pro does very little to challenge even at the highest setting.

Comparing the build quality

The Avari is a very robust rowing machine. It is remarkably stable no matter how hard you work it. The Fitness Pro disappoints right from the beginning – the seat starts wobbling the moment you start working out.

How about the display?

The Easy Glide’s display is small but offers very useful statistics. The display on the Confidence Fitness Pro on the other hand is quite uninformative – besides telling you how many strokes you have completed and how long you have worked out, it doesn’t tell you much else. In addition to these two basic statistics, the Avari Easy Glide tells you the distance you have covered and calories burnt. The readability of the Fitness Pro also leaves a lot to be desired.

Pros and Cons

The cons of many budget rowing machines usually outweigh the pros but the Easy glide has struck a great balance. Here are some of its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Use of a single piston makes the resistance linear and more predictable than multi-piston setups
  • Scan mode shows you all statistics without having to press a button
  • It is very light to carry around
  • Can be easily tipped on its head for storage
  • Can withstand years of frequent usage


  • There is little perceptible difference between the highest and lowest resistance levels
  • You have to get off the machine to adjust resistance level of the piston
  • Rail is short and not suitable for taller people

Key features of the rower

  • Tough braided nylon cord
  • Multi-function monitor
  • Thickly padded seat and handles
  • Smooth ball bearing roller system
  • Included chest strap for accurate pulse reading


The Stamina Avari Easy Glide is a great budget rowing machine with commendable build quality. The aluminum and steel frame is quite sturdy during operation and it will easily last several years of continuous use. It is an ideal rower for people of average height who don’t plan to use it for more than 20 minutes at a time. The machine does have some resistance issues but in our opinion they are not sufficient to dissuade anyone from buying it.