Proform 550R Rowing Machine Review

Proform 550R Rowing Machine Review

We had the opportunity to go out and “test drive” a variety of different rowing machines before we made our purchase. Once we tested the Proform 550R Rower, we fell in love with the machine. Today, we’re going to open up and tell you a bit about this rower.

Is This a Good Machine to Use to Get in Shape?

Of course it is. Getting in shape was the whole reason we wanted a rower in the first place. In fact, when you use the low pulley station and rower, you will be combining your strength and cardio. This machine right here will help you achieve total fitness and if you fit it into your routine, you will love the results.

How Are the Resistance Levels?

The resistance levels are great. It has over 9 levels. You can start light and move forward to a heavy resistance. If you want a machine that pushes you, this is exactly what you need.

Is the LCD Monitor Easy to Read?

With one of the machines we tested, the LCD monitor was small, making it hard to read. The Profrom 550R Rower has a nice large LCD monitor. With this monitor, you can keep an eye on your total strokes, strokes per minute, time, distance and calories you have burned.

How’s the Pedals?

You don’t have to worry about your feet slipping off of these pedals – they are designed to keep your feet right where they belong. The footrests have adjustable straps.

Is it Easy to Move the Machine?

This machine is easy to store and move when it needs to be moved. To make it easy to move, it has front mounted transport wheels.

Is it Comfortable?

The seat cushioned, making it very comfortable. You can actually adjust the seat to your preference.

Is it Quiet?

The Proform 550R Rower is super quiet. In fact, one rowing machine reviewer stated that she was able to work out on the machine without having to worry about waking her baby up.

When Folded Up, How Much Space is Required?

When folded up, you will need at least 2 and ½ ft. square area with a height clearance of 4 feet.

How are the Consumer Ratings?

The consumer ratings for the Proform 550R Rower are good, which isn’t surprising. On Walmart, it currently has 4.4 out of 5 stars with feedback stating “it’s so quiet, I can exercise around my baby” and “I love this machine, it’s the best I’ve had yet.” Yes, there are some negative reports, but they aren’t major. A couple of people complained about the assembly process, but that’s understandable.

Proform 550R vs Body Rower BRW7200 Deluxe

Before we purchased the Proform 550R, we tried out this Body Rower. In this section of the article, we are going to compare them.

  • Levels of Resistance
    While the Proform 550R offers a total of 8 levels of resistance, the Body Rower offers 16 levels of resistance.
  • Ergonomic Handles
    Both of these machines offer ergonomic grip handles.
  • How does the LCD Screens Compare?
    The LCD screen on the Proform 550R is large and easy to read. However, the same cannot be said about the screen on the Body Rower – it is small, making it hard to read.
  • Comparing the Seats
    On both machines, the seats are comfortable and they glide well. However, with the Body Rower, the ride isn’t as smooth as it should be. The resistance actually feels a bit too jerky during the fully extended state.

Pros and Cons

In this section of the article, we are going to discuss some of the pros and cons of the Proform 550R rowing machine.


  • The Display has a Nice Scan mode
  • The Large LCD Screen makes it Easy to Read
  • The Seat is Comfortable
  • Good Rowing Position
  • Soft Touch Ergonomic Handle

Now, let’s take a look at what we don’t really like about the machine …


  • It’s Bulky When You Fold it (that’s how most good rowers are)
  • Not Easy to Assemble (this is understandable)

In conclusion

If you are looking for a machine that is made from high quality material and will give you a run for your money, the Proform 550R Rower is a great choice. It is quiet, has a large LCD screen, the seat is comfortable and the ergonomic handles make it easy to use. This machine right here is worth every penny.