Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower Review

Velocity Fitness Programmable Magnetic Rower

We’ve been able to try out several rowing machines and found the Velocity Vantage standing out in the crowd. This is one of the most versatile rowing machines you can purchase for working out at home. Compared to other rowing devices in the same price range, such as the Lifecore R100 – which is actually more expensive – Velocity Exercise Vantage seems to take the lead. Here’s an honest review about this rowing machine.

Is This a Good Rowing Machine?

This magnetic rower is more than a good rowing machine, it’s a great one. This is definitely one of Velocity’s top models. This machine is extra-large and it’s designed to be a perfect replacer of gym equipment for home use. It also features a flywheel and fan structure for a smooth torque while allowing you to choose out of 16 resistance levels, including race mode. Even though it’s robust, it’s easily foldable for storage.

Is This Machine for Beginners?

This is not exactly what you would call an entry-level device. On the contrary, it’s a more complex rowing machine that would be more suitable for the advanced ones. Even though it has user friendly features, it was designed as an actual gym equipment replacement, which means you should be familiar with working out in order to get the best out of this machine. Also, the magnetic air resistance combo is more suitable to more intense training sessions.

Are The Customer’s Ratings Good?

This is one of Velocity’s newest products; therefor you’re not going to be able to find too many reviews on this device out there at the moment. However, one thing to note is it doesn’t have any bad reviews, either, and it’s easy to understand why.

The Velocity Vantage vs Lifecore R100

Does this rower stand up against the more expensive Lifecore R100? Here’s the answer.

Which one is easier to move around or store?

While both machines are foldable for storage and have little wheels to help you move them around, there are a few differences.

The Velocity takes up more space when in use, due to the flywheel and fan structure. However, it is lighter than the other, with a weight of 83 pounds.

The Lifecore R100, on the other hand, takes less space while in use, but weights more – 96 pounds. You could say this one is more solid, but harder to assemble and move around, as well.

Comparing Resistance and Tension Levels

The Velocity is based on a magnetic and air resistance combo. This provides the user a smooth operating machine, with 16 different tension levels and 12 preset programs, plus manual or race mode, depending on the type of workout you prefer. You also get a built in heart rate monitor and an extra-large adjustable backlit monitor in order to keep track of your progress during the workout.

The Lifecore R100 is also a complex rowing machine, using magnetic and air resistance as well.  This device provides 16 different resistance levels and 15 preset programs to choose from while working out. The monitor is quite large and also adjustable.

Which Machine is More Comfortable to Use?

The Velocity seems to be designed with the user’s comfort in mind. Adjustable levels and different programs to choose from, extra-large monitor, heart rate monitoring, nylon cords for a silent yet strong workout, stress-reduced seat height, adjustable foot plates – all these characteristics make this machine a sturdy, yet very comfortable device.

The Lifecore R100 rowing machine is also an expensive, high end product, with multiple features to serve your comfort. This device also provides adjustable parts, several resistance levels and heart monitoring. However, there seem to be a few people complaining that the seat is not as comfortable as possible and could use more cushion. It also features angled footrests – some see this as a plus while others say it’s rather uncomfortable.

The Pros and Cons

This section of the articles provides the pros and cons list of the rowing machine.


  • High quality device, comparable to professional gym equipment
  • Silent
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • 16 levels of resistance
  • Built in heart rate monitor
  • Extra-large, backlit monitor


  • It’s a pricy product (but well worth it)

The Key Features of This Rowing Machine

  • 16 resistance levels
  • Built in heart monitor
  • Extra-large monitor for a better view of the workout stats
  • Large, quick-change footpads


This air magnetic rower is one of the top products in this price range. Silent, smooth and sturdy, this device is the perfect home-gym unit to work with. Its user friendly key features allow you to personalize your training session while constantly watching your stats and keeping track of your heart rate. If you’re looking for a premium rowing machine for intense home workouts, then you should really give this one a chance.