Stamina ATS 1402 Air Rower Review

Stamina 35-1405 ATS

Many budget rowing machines use fiber or nylon cords which wear out quickly but the Stamina 1402 ATS has a confidence-instilling metal pull-chain. The oversized chrome seat rail improves the ergonomics of the rower and puts it among the most recommended budget rowers on the market. At first sight, we got a feeling that this rower can easily last several years of frequent usage. Here is what we think about this rowr.

How does it feel to use this rowing machine?

The Stamina 1402 ATS has a large molded seat that provides all the support you require. The angled rail also improves the feel of each oar. Once you finish a stroke and start to return to the starting position, the angled rail will practically cause you to slide back. The padded foot plates are also quite good – no matter how fast you are rowing, your feet will be properly secured by the nylon straps that can comfortably fit all but the largest feet. The handle allows many wrist movements and prevents you from straining your hands.

How well does this rower perform?

The Stamina 1402 ATS has a large spinning fan that provides resistance for your muscles to work against. The large fan provides more than enough resistance for a proper workout. In addition to the resistance provided by the fan, we also found that the metal pull-chain helps you to build up your stamina and quickly get used to intense workouts. There are 6 different resistance settings which make the rower ideal for use by beginners as well as veterans. Elderly people can have a leisurely workout on this rower because of its low-impact motions and easy seat.

How useful is the display console?

The Stamina 1402 ATS has a LCD backlit screen to show your workout progress. The display shows you several statistics including: number of strokes, stokes per minute, workout duration, calories burnt, and rowing speed. You can set the console to display one set of data but you can also use scan mode which cycles statistics every six seconds.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS vs the SmoothFlow Air Mag

The Stamina is a great rowing machine but the SmoothFlow Air Mag Rower is in direct competition with it. Which one of the two rowers should you choose? Let’s find out…

How does the performance compare?

Performance wise, the SmoothFlow is marginally better than the Stamina hence the similar price tag. The SmoothFlow has a built-in heart rate monitor which is a nice addition. One issue with it is the inability to regulate resistance level to keep your heart rate at the right level. Although the SmoothFlow rower has a large molded seat, it becomes uncomfortable after working out continuously for about 20 minutes. One of the good things about the SmoothFlow rower is that it has a wide beam that makes the ride slightly smoother than the Stamina rower. The SmoothFlow rower combines magnetic as well as air resistance which makes the rowing true-to-life. The SmoothFlow also has air vents which help to cool a user down during intense workouts.

Comparing the consoles

Although the screen on the Stamina is smaller, it has fewer statistics to show. However, it still manages to show you all statistics because of the scan feature. The SmoothFlow has a larger screen but all statistics are displayed on the screen and that makes it difficult to read. Its screen is also not backlit and it is difficult to make out the text in a dimly lit room. The Stamina wins the prize here because of its more readable screen as well as scan mode.

Pros and cons of the 1402


  • Looks better than many budget rowers
  • Good build quality makes it quite durable
  • It is foldable to use less space when not in use
  • Angled rail makes for a smooth return


  • It is noisier than other air rowers
  • Foot plates move when you increase stroke rate

Key features

  • 6 different resistance levels
  • Metal pull-chain
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Foldable design
  • Floor protectors


This rower is a very useful air rowing machine and is at an affordable price point. It has a sturdy frame that keeps it stable during extreme workout sessions and also makes it easier to move around. It also has plenty of difficult levels to challenge even the most experienced user. The rower made a good impression on us and we would recommend it to anybody looking for a budget rower that can handle heavy usage.