Stamina Avari Magnetic Exercise Rower Review

Stamina Avari

This is one of the most impressive professional rowing machines we have had a chance to review. With this machine you can enjoy intense workouts without spending a fortune on gym fees. It is a very efficient rowing machine that is obviously designed for comfort. The machine is designed to make your rowing experience more realistic. Following is the honest review of the Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower.

How good is the rower’s quality?

Most of the parts of this rower come assembled in order to minimize assembly time and to make sure that you don’t have to do any sensitive assembly task. The only parts that you install yourself are the rails, front stand, and rowing mechanism. Although the design of this rowing machine is not traditional, it is very sturdy. The maximum user weight is set at 275 lbs. but the rower feels like it can take much more. You can work out on the machine for hours because of the very comfortable padded seat. The handgrips are also padded to protect you from callouses but not too much to affect energy transmission.

Is the fitness monitor better than the competition?

Unlike the tiny displays used on entry level Stamina rowers, this rower has a large backlit LCD to enable you to keep track of everything that’s going on even in a dimly lit room. Aside from the usual statistics, this monitor will also show you your strokes per minute, heart rate, and power consumed in watts. You can also see the current training program when working out – the rower has a total of 12 built-in programs. The position of the display also couldn’t be better. It is placed lower than the displays of most rowers and is therefore quite easy to read.

Which users does the Stamina Avari target?

This magnetic rowing machine has several built-in training programs that are extremely diverse. Any person can use the machine easily. There are six built-in cardio programs, four custom user programs, one heart rate program, and one manual program. That means that there is a program for you no matter what your goals are. There are 7 preset programs that adjust resistance automatically for an uninterrupted cardiovascular workout. This rower also enables you to adjust resistance and workout time on the fly without needing to start the program over.

What are the stand-out features of this rower?

This is not an entry-level rower and it does well to set itself apart from the competition. This rower gives you limitless workout programs because you can create your own in addition to the built-in ones. Another welcome feature is the included chest strap to monitor your pulse. The inclined rail makes your recovery a breeze because you practically slide back to the starting position. We also liked the clear backlit display and quick setting buttons.

Stamina Avari vs Concept 2 Model D

The Concept2 Model D rowing machine is one of the bestselling rowers on Amazon. How well does the Stamina Avari Magnetic Rower do against the Model D? Let’s find out…

Which rower performs better?

Both rowers can be used by beginners as well as experienced athletes. However, the Model D goes a bit further than the Stamina magnetic rower which is understandable since it costs a bit more. The Model D can be used by people weighing up to 500 pounds but the Avari maxes out at 275 pounds.

Build quality comparison

The Model D is slightly better in terms of build quality. It has a solid frame which enables it to handle almost double the user weight of the Avari. It has a nickel pull-chain that is very durable and that allows smooth motion.

Which of the two rowers has better functionality?

The two rowing machines have all the basic functions and they are also neck and neck when it comes to advanced functions. With the Model D, you can access your workout data with a computer using the built-in USB interface. The Stamina comes with a chest strap for monitoring heart rate but you have to purchase additional heart rate monitoring equipment for the Mode D.

Pros and cons


  • Many built-in fitness programs
  • Made with durable materials
  • Smooth and comfortable operation
  • Excellent performance monitoring capability
  • Backlit display can be used in a dark room


  • The seat could be more comfortable

Key features

  • Includes a chest strap
  • On-the-fly program alteration
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Durable bungee cord


The Stamina Avari magnetic exercise rowing machine provides you with many fitness-oriented features and has excellent build quality. It is easily programmable and can therefore be used by virtually any person regardless of his/her goals. The rower is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.