Rowing Machine vs. Treadmill: Which One Gets You Fit Faster?

I simply couldn’t resist the temptation to add my opinion to the rowing machine vs. treadmill debate. A lot of experts have shared their conclusions and made some good points for both, but what really matters to me is the results that I get. One might claim that the treadmill is best, but their words mean nothing to me if I follow their recommendation but am not making the type of progress that I want. Perhaps you feel the same way.

It might not be necessary to point out that the results any user gets depends on how often they use it – whichever one that may be – and how intensely they exercise, but I feel it must be stated at this point. If you’re going to make a comment, please keep this factor in mind.

Benefits of Using a Treadmill

The treadmill is a classic. It seems to be the preferred option for medical professionals when performing cardio testing. With a treadmill, you can get a really good aerobic workout and boost your cardiovascular health. What I like about this machine is the incline feature; the extent to which you can incline a treadmill depends on the brand and model you pick – but that’s a whole other topic that you might have to check back with me for later on. With incline, you can get some great muscle-toning action. If you are a runner, then owning a treadmill is essential, as using it can help you train to be faster and have better form. Still, for those of us who are focused on building the fittest possible physique we can have, it is vital to consider other types of cardio equipment.

The Merits of a Rowing Machine

There’s nothing like having a lean and toned upper body – that’s what using a rowing machine can get you. In addition to facilitating cardio training, this piece of workout equipment trains and tones the muscles in the chest, back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. If you get the right machine, you get to enjoy an excellent lower body workout as well. Although the user remains seated for the full duration of the workout session, calorie burn is not a problem with a rower. As for athletic performance, those whose sport of choice is rowboat racing, this is definitely the machine to own.

Rowing Machine vs. Treadmill: My Conclusion

It’s true that I have had some enjoyable exercise sessions on treadmills, but the rowing machine is my prefered choice. I consider it to be superior because it’s the one that provides me the best results in the shortest amount of time. In my opinion, the way a rower expedites fitness results is due to the superior muscle-toning action; building muscle boosts metabolism. Every time I use my rower, I get a wonderful full-body workout, cardio training, and a powerful blast of fat burn – talk about multitasking! Say what you like, but I have tried treadmills extensively: HIIT workouts, hour-long sessions, 20 minutes of all-out running, etc. – you name it. Rowing machines are the solution for me.