How to Use a Rowing Machine to Lose Weight

Using a Rowing machine is a simple but very effective way to lose weight.  You should strive for good form and if you can adjust the resistance, you should make less for your arms and back. Form and speed are your main goals. A rowing machine provides an excellent cardiovascular work-out, and with that comes calorie burning. Your work-out should be at a steady pace mixed with bursts of speed to increase stamina and continue to allow you to progress and see results. Being consistent as with any exercise program is the key to losing weight.

When you start, your goal should be about 20 minutes on the machine. As your stamina increases, then you can naturally increase your time. Go a minute at a slow pace and then go fast for 30 seconds or more depending on your ability. This burst of speed will not only help your cardio-fitness, it cranks up your calorie burning and thus contributes to your weight loss.

Because a rowing machine delivers a full body workout, your weight loss program will begin to deliver a much leaner and toned body. Getting physically fit and healthy will be your long term result. Diet plays a factor in losing weight with a rowing machine. You need to eat healthy to see the results you are looking for. Being consistent and eating right will get you to your goal.

If you are using a rowing machine to specifically lose weight, then you may have made the best choice for yourself and your goal. As you develop your stamina, begin to maintain a higher pace and make the burst of speed vary. 30 seconds and then back to your regular pace than a minute later do another burst of speed for a full minute. Changing up your routine not only helps your cardio-calorie burning but also makes your exercise routine more challenging and help alleviate boredom.

It cannot be stated to many times that using a rowing machine to lose weight is an excellent choice. Once you begin to see results it becomes easier to stick to it and reach your goal. Remember the key points are.

  • Maintaining proper form, which is: Take hold of the bar with your hands, bending your legs to 90 degrees. Use your legs to push back and pull the bar toward you. Slide forward while you extend your arms in front of you and then begin again.
  • Keep a steady pace.
  • Go fast with a burst of speed, varying the time from 30 seconds on up.
  • Length of time on the rowing machine should be increased as your stamina builds.
  • Diet is important maintain a healthy diet.

A weight loss program using a rowing machine is a benefit to yourself and is a great way to lose weight. Reach your goal, lose weight and have fun all in one machine. Working out with a partner is always a plus and a good way to stay motivated, which will help you reach your goal too.