How to Use a Rowing Machine

The rowing machine has become a popular workout machine as rowing is a great cardiovascular and strength-building exercise.  However, as with any type of exercise equipment – it is important to use it correctly to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Your first step would be to sit on the rowing machine, place your feet on the pedals and strap them in tightly – it is important that your feet do not move around as you slide.

On most rowing machines, you can adjust the resistance level. Rowing is a natural motion and most people pick it up quickly, but to start out, it is important to not set the resistance level too high. Other rowing machines use air resistance – the faster you row, the more resistance you create during your workout.

The rowing machine also measures your workout in different ways – you can track your strokes per minute, the calories you have burned, the kilometers that you have travelled during your workout as well as the amount of time it takes you to travel 500 meters. Your next step will be to choose your workout based on the above options.

It is now time to begin rowing! Bring your knees up to your chest and use an overhand grip to grab the handle. Pull the handle with you, holding it close to your chest and lean your body slightly back, as you straighten your legs – but don’t lock your knees! This is the starting position of your rowing workout as well as the finishing position when you have completed a full stroke.

The next step will be to stretch your arms out in front of you and then to move your upper body forwards. Keep your back straight and engage your back muscles, abs and shoulders as you slide your body forward on the seat by bending your legs. Don’t bend your arms – they should be straight when you reach the top of the machine. This phase of the stroke is called the catch.

You now need to slide back to the end of the rowing machine. Push off with your feet and straighten your legs, but keep your arms stretched out in front of you and your body leaning forward. Only once you have reached the end of the machine and your legs are straight, do you pull your arms towards your chest. You have now completed the drive.

Finish your first stroke by returning to the starting position.

You have now successfully completed one stroke! Keep practicing the movement so that your rowing rhythm becomes more natural and you don’t need to think about the movements anymore.

The rowing machine offers a great full body exercise, but it also a great exercise for improving your coordination, should you struggle with it.

It is often a workout that is overlooked and many people might falsely believe that a rowing machine might not offer a very good workout – but if you follow these steps and get into the rhythm you will soon feel your muscles burn from a rowing workout.